For your consideration

For Your Consideration: To collectors, art advisers, and those interested in art photography.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of a pivotal moment in rock and roll. On May 9. 1974 Bruce Springsteen performed at the Harvard Square Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

For collectors and art consultants, this presents a unique opportunity. Gallery 5.9.1974 is offering a limited edition 20 x 30  print of one of the most significant photographs of one of the most significant nights in rock and roll history.

This image was virtually unknown until recently, and it's historic context is complimented by its rarity and by it's outstanding technical qualities. The balance, light and focus of this photograph are stunning, especially considering the technology of the day and the primitive state of the concert lighting that night.

There are no other images, or recordings, of this 2nd show at the Harvard Square Theatre on May 9, 1974: the show Jon Landau attended, where he called Springsteen, "...rock and roll future...".