Limited Edition Bruce Springsteen pictures Giveaway

In 1974, Bruce Springsteen's Harvard Square Theatre performance changed the trajectory of Rock and Roll. Barry Schneier ( captured that performance, and Gallery 5.9.1974 is pleased to carry one of the most memorable pictures of Bruce Springsteen from that night.  

See purchasing and collecting details for this rare and beautiful photo here.

And, we are also pleased to announce our first 2 giveaways of this historic Limited Edition print. You can sign up here to become eligible to win. Two winners will be picked by random selection in the next month. One on November 26th and one on December 3rd of this year. Individuals who have already “Liked” the gallery Facebook page or have previously joined our email list will be considered already entered. You can "Like" our Facebook page AND join our email list and have 2 chances to win.

At Gallery 5.9.1974 we know there are many Springsteen fans who would love to own a print like this. If you collect Bruce Springsteen memorabilia or just want a great picture of Bruce Springsteen to hang on your wall,  join us on Facebook ( and on for a chance to win. Good Luck!