A Chance Meeting

Ira Gold of Windowpane Productions believed in finding up and coming bands to feature as opening acts for their headliners. His interest in concert promotion was rooted in his love of music and giving new acts a chance was a passion for him. Jeff  Hersch was the more pragmatic and expereinced of the two.  His knowledge and experience working for Bonnie Raitt's management company, Avalon Productions, provided Windowpane the much needed balance to be successful.

The May 9, 1974 show with Bonnie as the only act was set in stone. Earlier Windowpane shows had only featured Bonnie as an opening act. The May 9th show was their first to feature her as the headliner and the Harvard Square Theatre was the perfect intimate venue for this showcase.

Ira, after being introduced to Bruce's music via Barry, insisted Jeff accompany him to meet Bruce after a set at Charlie's Place in Cambridge. Ira was excited about Bruce and wanted Jeff to hear him in the hopes they could put him on in a show at some point. 

Tickets hadn't been printed yet for the May 9th show so Jeff agreed it wasn't too late to add an opening act. He went along with Ira's suggestion and the two asked Bruce if he was open to the idea of appearing that night. Bruce's response....."Sure".