A Hard Working Man

Bruce Springsteen is a hard worker and always has been. Early in his career stories circulated that when he first started playing arenas he would circle the facility during sound check to ensure that everyone, no matter where they sat, would hear great sound. He believed that with what they were paying for a ticket they deserved the best show he could provide.

When Frank Stefanko got the assignment to shoot the cover for "Darkness on the Edge of Town" he figured he'd have Bruce for a few hours. Bruce arrived at his Frank's home at 9 in the morning with his "wardrobe" ( a plaid shirt, a tee shirt and a leather jacket) in a brown paper bag. They began to work taking shots around Frank's home and didn't stop until close to 6 PM. Frank said Bruce worked as hard as he did that day to ensure they got the right shot and was as focused on doing it right and as Frank was. Bruce came to work that day as he does today. His work ethic remains the same.