"I've seen the future of rock and roll management..."

When Bruce was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999 he returned the favor. Here's a quote from his acceptance speech that night.

“I’ve seen the future of rock and roll management,” he said. “And its name is Jon Landau. I’ve got to return the favor there. That quote was … a mite burdensome for me, but as he often said, ‘That’s your job.’ But Jon’s given me something beyond friendship, beyond guidance — his intelligence, his sense of the truth, his recognition of my intelligence. We were worlds colliding. His creative ability as a producer, an editor, speechwriter earlier this evening, his ability to see through to the heart of matters both professional and personal, and the love that he’s given me has altered my life forever. What I hope to give to my fans with my music — a greater sense of themselves, and greater freedom — he with his talents and his abilities has done that for me. There’s no ‘thank you’ tonight that’s gonna do the job, and it’s a debt that I can’t repay, and one that I treasure owing.”