41 years ago tonight.

Tonight marks the 41st anniversary of a pivotal moment in rock and roll. On May 9. 1974 Bruce Springsteen performed at the Harvard Square Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was a show that changed the world of music. This is the concert Jon Landau attended.

On May 22, 1974, the Real Paper published his review. Landau wrote, "But in my own moments of greatest need, I never give up the search for sounds that can answer every impulse, consume all emotion, cleanse and purify — all things that we have no right to expect from even the greatest works of art but which we can occasionally derive from them."

This is the concert when Landau saw, "...rock and roll future...".

The image on our home page was virtually unknown until recently, and it's historic context is complimented by its rarity and by it's outstanding technical qualities. The balance, light and focus of this photograph are stunning, especially considering the technology of the day and the primitive state of the concert lighting that night.

This photograph is from the Harvard Square Theatre concert on May 9, 1974. The second show, when Springsteen performs "For You".

There are no other images, or recordings, of this 2nd show at the Harvard Square Theatre on May 9, 1974: the show Jon Landau attended, the show that changed music forever.