Springsteen 1974 photo as Father's Day Present: Top 10 Reasons it matters.

Barry Schneier Photography is offering a special Father's Day discount on selected prints of Bruce Springsteen's historic 5.9.1974 concert.

If you were to buy a Springsteen Print for Father's Day this year, first of all, you better hurry, (deadline for guaranteed delivery is June17 at 4PM EST), but here are 10 facts you need to know about these prints…after all - if your dad or husband is a Bruce fanatic, you need to offer SOMETHING that can impress him about this present.

1. All photos were taken at the Harvard Square Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 9,1974. The theatre is not owned by Harvard, and in fact it is currently not even in use.

2. Springsteen opened for Bonnie Raitt that night.

3. There were 2 shows that night. The first show has some audio recordings floating around on the web. At the second show - when the "Piano" shot was taken, there were no other audio, video or photographic recordings. These photos are it!

4. The "Piano" shot, the one we are selling here on the Gallery591974 site in a limited addition, is the best of the bunch. It's an artistically stunning shot. Bruce is playing "For You" in this shot. You can get smaller ink jet versions of this print at the Barry Schneier Photography site.

5. Jon Landau was in the audience at this show, the second set that night.

6. Who is Jon Landau? O, that's right, you are the children of a Springsteen fan.

7. Jon Landau went on to write an article for the Real Paper (he also wrote for Rolling Stone) that was published on May 22, 1974, that declared Springsteen to be, "…rock and roll future…".


8. Landau went on to become Springsteen's manager, friend and an important part of his musical life.

9. The "Piano" shot has amazing composition, contrast and structure. Look at the light. There is one light on the piano above the keyboard, and one light offstage behind Springsteen. These 2 sources draw and shade this shot. There were a limited number of concerts at the Harvard Square Theatre in the early 70's, it was primarily used as an art house cinema, then later as a movie theatre chain, so the lighting and sound were relatively primitive, especially by today's standards. AND, the film in those days was no where near as sensitive as the cameras of today.

10. The backstory to this photo - this concert and this night - is significant. Barry Schneier, the photographer, was involved in getting Springsteen this booking. He had seen Springsteen at another performance in Cambridge a month earlier in April 1974.. He knew and took photos for the promoters - and introduced them to Springsteen's first 2 albums. The promoters met with Bruce and offered him the opening sets, which he accepted. Barry Schneier had incredible access to the venue that day and night, and in many ways, it was the night Springsteen's career and life changed forever.

So now you have 10 facts. There are more on this site (read the Landau article) and other sites on the internet. This photo is becoming a collectors item. For the casual fan (or child or wife of) with limited budget this ink jet prints on sale for this Father's Day are the way to go. (ranging from $160 +S&H and up) For the serious collector, look at the Gallery 5.9.1974 limited edition print. At $5000 it is a serious commitment, but it may be one of the most important little known music photographs in history.