Springsteen "Future" Piano Photo for Father' Day from 5/9/1974 Reason # 4

Taken from "…10 facts you need to know about these prints."

4. The "Piano" shot, the one we are selling here on the Gallery591974 site, is the best of the bunch. It's an artistically stunning shot. Bruce is playing "For You" in this shot.

If you are thinking about getting your father - who probably has to be a big Springsteen fan - a photo of the Harvard Square Theatre concert from 1974, the Piano Series #1 shot is the most beautiful shot of all, and we are selling a smaller ink jet print here. This shot is framed from the side of the stage, where photographer Barry Schneier was sitting on a drum case, as the rest of the band stood beside him. Read Barry's account of how Bruce walked toward him and sat at the piano, then started playing the chords that would lead into "For You". Jon Landau mentions this song in his article, and it's a reverent shot.

There are many things we value about these photographs, but PIano Series #1 is that rare frame of perfect light, perfect composition, focus and historical context and meaning that elevate it to a work of art. Photography gives us one great thing that other art forms, such as music, do not: it allows us to stop and look and search and examine - it stops time. And in that moment which we hold in our hands, we see the image of a person who will never look like that again, at a time that moves quickly toward the present. But this photograph, accompanied by an article which changed many people lives, and an artist who kept growing, is a caught moment in a larger story of hope and redemption.