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This is a limited edition of 100 20" x 30" museum quality silver gelatin prints. Each print is custom printed and selenium toned to achieve the finest archival quality. Each print is signed by the photographer and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Collecting Photography

There are many opinions about the value of photography, especially in today's digital world. But one thing remains true - photographs can be the powerful witness to unique moments in time.

The value of this photograph lies in it's moment of creation, it's place and the person in it's frame. There is no other historical record from this night which suggests the power of what happened in the Harvard Square Theatre.  This image has the elements of light,  composition and history which come together and give us a glimpse into an ascending artist's transformation.

Images are as important to music as amplifiers. We cannot hear what took place that night in May of 1974, but an image like this expands our window into a time, world and  performance that changed music.

For Springsteen fans, and art lovers, the value of this print - and it's meaning - will continue to rise. For collectors, this limited edition print offers a special opportunity to add a rare print to the art you value so much.

We encourage your purchase of this special offer,  limited prints remain.


"He took his overpowering story of a suicide, “For You,” and sang it with just piano accompaniment and a voice that rang out to the very last row of the Harvard Square theatre."